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15 Reasons Why The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History is Happening Right Now

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The Biggest Wealth Transfer is Happening Right Now
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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
What is a wealth transfer?
How do wealth transfers happen?
Who is getting rich right now?
How to make money right now?
What does the Great Transfer of Wealth refer to?
What industries are making the most money right now?
Who is getting rich out of everything happening in the world right now?
Is the biggest wealth transfer in history happening right now?
How to take advantage of the biggest transfer of wealth happening in the world?
How to get rich in the next decade?
How to get rich in the next 10 years?
Who will get rich in the next decade?
What do you need to know if you want to be rich soon?
Is the pandemic the biggest investment opportunity of our lifetime?
Is this a good time to borrow money?

00:00 - Intro
01:48 - Coronavirus opened the Pandora’s box
02:50 - Governments just keep printing money
04:27 - Old people are dying
05:36 - We just entered the Digital-First revolution
06:57 - Everybody is -finally- coming online
09:23 - Domino effect
10:47 - Old money is being bought out by new money
12:11 - Emerging countries have an unfair competitive advantage
13:37 - Consumerism is at an all time high
14:56 - Bitcoin & Blockchain
17:24 - Technology will bring Market corrections
18:32 - Mass Automation is coming
19:36 - Society is being restructured under our eyes
21:03 - New Industries & More New tech is coming
22:56 - The Space-race has already begun
24:44 - Question

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