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512GB Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Unboxing and Fastest Setup Method (Transfer All Files!)

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Here's the 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra unboxing and a walkthrough on the fastest way to transfer all of your data from another Galaxy device, a different Android phone, or even an iPhone to the Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra.

This method uses Samsung Smart Switch which can transfer much more than just apps, messages, pictures, and videos.

I'll also be showing you a size comparison between the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Pixel 4XL, and Galaxy Z Flip so you can get a good idea of how big this phone is compared to the competition.

USB C to USB Adapter:

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Galaxy S20 Ultra Playlist:

iPhone 11 Pro Max Playlist:

Galaxy Z Flip Playlist:

Pixel 4XL Playlist:

00:00 Intro
00:34 Unboxing
01:10 No 45W charging
01:47 Peeling the film
02:03 First look
02:41 Flagship size comparison
04:35 Sim swap
05:26 Avoid the temptation
05:58 Starting the transfer
06:53 You might need this
07:31 Everything you can transfer
08:15 Micro SD cards are separate
08:33 Diving deeper - Calls and Contacts
08:41 Diving deeper - Messages
09:01 Diving deeper - Apps
09:22 Diving deeper - Settings
10:22 Diving deeper - Home Screen
10:47 Diving deeper - Secure Folder
11:37 Diving deeper - Images and Videos
11:52 Diving deeper - Audio Files
11:58 Diving deeper - Documents
12:05 Diving deeper - Micro SD Card Options
12:10 Diving deeper - What you can't bring
12:17 Diving deeper - How long does it take?
12:58 Ready, Set, Go!
13:29 Checking the progress
14:23 How the transfer works
14:47 Apps installing in the background
15:02 How to transfer data AFTER initial setup
15:29 How to transfer data from multiple devices
15:47 Beat the YouTube algorithm

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Lens 2:
Adapter for Lens 2:
Mic 1:
Mic 2:
Wireless Mic:
Desk Lights:
Key and Fill Lights:

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