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BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker - Unboxing, Setup & Review

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Today i'm going to Unbox, setup and review the BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker.
Hopefully by the end of the video you will be able to make a decison on whether this is the right watch for your child or not.
The Fitness tracker comes in a small box.
Inside the box there is an instruction manual, Service card with the support contact details, the main watch and the straps.

As you can see, it looks really smart. It comes in several colours, Blue, Black purple and Rose.
The fitness tracker lasts on average 4 days with average usage.

Charging it is really easy. All you need to do is pull out the bottom strap
and plug it directly into a USB port on a computer, phone charger or power bank
Full charge requires about 1-2 hours.

Now let's look at it's capabilities
To turn on or move between screens tap the icon on the bottom of the screen.
The first screen will display the time.
The 2nd screen will show you how many steps completed during the day
The 3rd screen will display the heart rate.
You then have 3 activities such as walking running and cycling, depending on your preferrance.
You can change the activities displayed on the watch. i will show you how to do this on the VeryFitPro app later on.
The watch also supports different displays or dial settings for the screen. I will also show you how to change this on the app.

Now to start an activity choose the activity you want, let's say running , then tap and hold the icon at the bottom of the screen.
To stop the activity tap and hold again.

For some activities like cycling, you will need to connect the fitness tracker to the app on your phone using bluetooth and take the phone with you.
This is because the fitness tracker doesn't have a built-in GPS. By doing this you will get stats like pace and distance and it can record a map of your workout route.
Watch the video that will appear on the card above to learn how to connect BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker to VeryFitPro app.

After you've setup the watch with the app. The activities will be syncked with your phone using bluetooth.
The home page will display your activities showing the number of steps, mileage and activity duration.
You will also see sleep statistics, this includes deep sleep, light sleep and awake.
You will also see the heart rate showing the resting heart rate, average heart rate and Maximum heart rate.

Now tap on device on the bottom of the screen
If you want the activity tracker to send you call notifications then tap on "call alert" then enable call alert and tap the correct sign on the top right
side of the screen
If you want to set alarms on your activity tracker tap on Alarm alert, then tap on the plus icon and select the time and the schedule of your alarm.
then tap on the correct sign
You can also enable sns alert to receive sms, email and social media notifications.
First enable "allow notificationa" and select the social media apps you want to receive notifications from. Don't forget
to tap the correct sign.

Now if you want to change the activities that BIGGERFIVE activity tracker displays on the screen tap on more.
Then Activity display
tap on the plus icon
As you can see only 3 activities can be selected so unselect the activities you don't want to display, let's say bicycle.
Then add the activity you want to display let's say workout.
Now tap the correct sign on the top right side of the screen and this will change the activities displayed on your activitity tracker.

Now to change the display on the watch, tap on "Dial settings" and select the display you like Then tap confirm.
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