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Chang'e 5 docking around the moon & Sample Transfer | Automated docking | "China moon mission"

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Watch China fully automated dock and transfer the samples from its ascent module with the orbitor Chang'e 5 on the moon. Change'5 docking as well as the sample transfer complete process. This is the China's First sample return mission.

The Chang’e-5 ascender automatically docked with the orbiter-sample return vehicle on 5 December 2020, at 21:42 UTC (6 December, at 05:42 China Standard Time). At 22:12 UTC (6 December, 06:12 CST), the sample container, containing the soil collected from the Moon, was transferred from the ascender to the sample return vehicle. Chang’e-5 will orbit the Moon for a few days, waiting for adequate window to return to Earth.

The ascender of China's Chang'e-5 probe successfully rendezvoused and docked with the orbiter-returner combination in lunar orbit at 5:42 (Beijing Time) on Sunday, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) has announced. This is the first time Chinese spacecraft have carried out rendezvous and docking in lunar orbit. The samples collected on the moon had been transferred from the ascender to the returner safely by 6:12 , said the CNSA. Chang'e-5 is one of the most complicated and challenging missions in Chinese aerospace history, as well as the world's first moon-sample mission in more than 40 years.

China is sending a sample return mission to the Moon! Chang’e 5 will be sent to the Moon on the top of a Long March 5 rocket. This is the same rocket that will eventually send people into deep space.

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Change 5 is a robotic Chinese lunar exploration mission consisting of a lander and a sample-return vehicle. It is scheduled for launch on 24 November 2020 to land on the moon by November 27, and return to earth around December 16–17. Chang'e 5 will be China's first sample return mission, aiming to return at least 2 kilograms ( pounds) of lunar soil and rock samples back to the Earth. Like its predecessors, the spacecraft is named after the Chinese Moon goddess, Change 5.

China is attempting to achieve a lunar sample return plan. The aim is to complete a “soft landing” in the Mons Rümker area within the Oceanus Procellarum.

The plan is to be operational for one lunar “day” (meaning two weeks). During this time, the goal is to obtain up to 2 kg of lunar “soil” or regolith. This could be from as deep as 2 meters (~7 feet) underground!

Having obtained the sample material, the return craft will come back to Earth, hopefully. Using the Earth’s atmosphere as an air brake, it will slow down from its immense speed. The craft will dip into the atmosphere more than once and skip out again. Finally it will land in largely empty grass plains in Inner Mongolia.

The mission was “rehearsed” previously with the Chang’e-5T1 test mission back in 2014. The goal of that mission was to test the return technology.

The payload consists of 4 modules, so bear with us while we explain. The payload is as follows: Orbiter, Landing stage, Ascent stage and a Return/re-entry module.

Only the landing and ascent stages will descend to the lunar surface. So, this mission features Lunar Orbit Rendezvous. The orbiter and return modules will stay in lunar orbit. After obtaining the sample, the ascent module will dock with the return module in orbit. The return module will then come back to Earth as described earlier.

The four modules, including the lander, ascender, orbiter and returner that consist of the lunar probe, have worked in pairs and will have a tight schedule this week.

The mission team said the lander and ascender are waiting for a perfect timing for a soft landing, while the orbiter and returner will continue to fly around the moon and adjust to a designated orbit, getting ready for the docking with the ascender.

The landing operation is expected in three days. Once it touches down on the lunar surface, the lander will collect two kilograms of lunar samples.

It will shovel some surface material, drill a two-meter-deep hole and extract the soil from inside it, which will act as an archive of the moon, with the bottom recording information from a billion years ago, and the top more closely reflecting the present day.

Once the samples are secured, the ascender will take off from the lunar surface to transfer the moon samples to the re-entry capsule waiting in lunar orbit, which will then carry them back to earth.

China has already soft-landed Chang’e spacecraft on the Moon, we should note. Chang’e is the Chinese goddess of the Moon. Initially, Chang’e 1 and 2 were lunar orbiters with no landers. This was considered “Phase 1” of China’s Moon mission program. Chang’e 3 and 4 had both orbiters and landers. This was “Phase 2”. Phase 3 is the sample return missions of both Chang’e 5 and 6.

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Credit- CCTV news channel
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