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Clever Cakes | Free performance for children

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Little Angel Theatre and @Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen present 'Clever Cakes' from the book 'Clever Cakes and Other Stories' by Michael Rosen. Donate to Little Angel Theatre:

In stories, as in life, it pays to be able to think on your feet - especially if you are about to be eaten by a hungry bear! This is just one of the perils that face the clever children in these seven tales, which also feature a Devil-dog, Old Greyface the wolf, Giant Gobbleguts and Dump-demons.

Based on the story written by Michael Rosen
Performed by Nix Wood
Directed by Samantha Lane
Designed by Ellie Mills
Produced by Joe Rosen
Composed by Andy Hopkins
Filmed by Matthew Dove


Little Angel Theatre is a home for puppetry. Since its doors first opened in 1961, the theatre has been dedicated to creating and sharing inspiring stories. They have released a plethora of online resources to help you keep creative at home, on YouTube and on their website:

If you’ve been inspired by this video, you can learn to make your own puppet show at home:

This production, alongside all of Little Angel’s online activities, is being made available for free. If you are able to consider making a donation - however small - to help the theatre survive during this challenging time, it would be greatly appreciated:


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