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DISNEY AND PIXAR BABIES: Advertisement Video (For ColintheCartoonist)

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If you love Disney and Pixar and if you love Babies, Then get ready to see something you never saw before.

Coming soon to Instagram's IGTV is a new series of drawings in a video slideshow series called “Disney Babies”!

These adorable video slideshows is being created by a talented 16-year-old artist known as “colinthecartoonist” on Instagram, who's an autistic Disnerd.

His goal is to reimagine EVERYTHING from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and many more as adorable babies since we don't see that many Disney characters when they were in their youth and we only saw characters like Kuzco, Mowgli, Rapunzel, Tarzan and a few others as babies!

Some of the characters that Colin is redesigning as babies include both animated and live action characters, from beloved classic films to new and modern favorites from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Channel and even 20th Century Fox, But the characters are all redesigned as cute infants and toddlers!

This year, in honor of Pixar Animation Studios’ 35th anniversary, and to celebrate their 2 new movies, “Onward” and “Soul“, Colin is reimagining EVERY single Pixar movie, short film and TV show with the characters as baby cars, bugs, monsters, cars, fish and many more!

Next month, he announced to reimagine the characters from Monsters Inc. as Babies including characters from the upcoming series Monsters at Work coming to Disney+! He will also release a special bonus video that same day!

Look for all 3 of his Disney Babies videos and the first 2 videos in his year long Pixar Babies videos on his IGTV page and please feel free to follow his account also. :)
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