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FFXIV Ending Event - Failpocalypse

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The epic, edge of your seat "Time of Reckoning" End of the World event.

I promised a video of this, and I don't go back on my promises. My fraps drive was set up to record the whole 2 hour event, LS members and friends had gathered together one last time, and we were prepared to defend Eorzea to the last!

This is what we got. With the exception of time spent just standing around or running around while R0ed, this represents my entire experience with the event. The battles shown are the entirety of actual gameplay I got to participate in. The rest of the 2 hours was spent spamming the login screen. Don't worry, a sample of this is included in the video, I wouldn't want to rob everyone of the experience of the event! As you can see by the constantly changing party, everyone else was having similar luck. A shame, we were all so excited.

There were no cutscenes, the only story was the system message at the end, and one at the beginning saying to go to Mor Dhona. The real conclusion was an admittedly amazing CGI sequence. I will provide the link below, because I don't think SE would take too kindly to me just reposting their video.

Awesome CGI Ending:

And if you want to watch an awesome FFXIV video that my friend and frequent star in my videos Ashiee made:

I'd hate for this to be my last video of FFXIV, so I might come up with something a bit more creative soon. As always, I want to thank everyone who's followed my videos all this time, you guys are the greatest!
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