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[mini-blog] Str8 Ppl

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Shalom, Assalamualaikum, and very much Namaste

Here's another riddle: Who are the first to hate regardless of whether you're a soyboy, a fuckboi, or an asexual? Clue: The least judgmental ppl on earth. Str8 bastards. Duh~~ Y'all don't need to tell me twice. I'm a fast learner. To proof a point: For every wrinkle you see on my face, I let you punch my dick. There is no pleasing "normal" ppl. Dey operate under the whims of Wan Hakim. You read, you snob. You love, you snob. You fuck, you snob. Dat's what humble ppl do - dey talk about other ppl first. Dat's how dey get the ball rolling in their own lives. Backwards. But rolling, nonetheless. Dey gotta do what dey gotta do to climb up dat hierarchy of lobsters. How else you think Wan Hakim's doggies got to be gangstas? Gossip. Duh~~ Fucking terrifying. Bcoz the thought of not being able to Roy or Jusco into adulthood is devastating. When you a realist, gossip is the only news dat matters in the collective unconscious of the Jusco, yo best friend, and the Lowyat.com. So get to flooding Twitter alreadi. The engine of "positivity" and "willpower" operates by you having an inferior friend/sibling/offspring. When dat shit don't last, remember to blame an entire fucking generation. It helps narrow shit down. It's called deductive reasoning.

Any "official" news from cooperation-y cooperations or academic institutions is highly susceptible to Jewish interference. Unless of course, you're talking about the papers where you can still corner the market on grandmas and grandpas. "Tudey..." Gotta be thinking about yo future, man. Who gone be there when you die? Grandma. Duh~~ Just thinking about my two dead ones is giving me a raging boner. I might as well add dem into my Ryan Gosling fantasy. Bcoz str8 ppl rly know how to get laid. See different body parts, overreact. No wonder dey all look liek my scrotum. Variable ratio reinforcement. I sort of missed dat opportunity for evolutionary ascension. But hey, if testostewone can give you tits, then soy can give you abs. Microtrauma just sounds too fucking Hebrew. Wudn't you want a dietary supplement dat wud help you GAIN! MUSCLES! FAST!? You nerdies, man. You guys always liek to complicate shit. Can't I get a keto? Or a paleo? Or a celery juice? How about eating my own shit? Forum boyboys, at least, aid in critical thinking. Dey're relatable. Professional writers may know how to spell but their opinions are a little too subjective to be taken seriously. Unliek the ones from my best friend dat are consistent wif the personalities of John Lennon.

Dis is why you shud trust every two-bit sifu on Youtube. Dey have dat one maddafakin gene since school - the ability to kick the maddafakin ball. And since dem Jusco days, these Proterozoic maddafakkas can't wait to teach y'all the basics. "HEY, I EXIST. WANNA LEARN HOW TO BE LIEK ME?" Sure... E minor. Why not? You learn a lot faster wif ppl telling you right from wrong. Our bodies, for example, are made up of round numbers. So it makes perfect sense for everyone to plank for 60 even if our bodies want to do more or less. As the saying goes, "Nobody knows you better than another person." It's kinda liek self-help - it only werks wif another's help. Remember when yo uncles taught you how to walk? "Sepasang bebola mata yang baru tiada apa-apa dibandingkan dengan sepasang tetek yang baru. Tetek lelaki. Pak Busu punya susu." The willingness to learn in str8 bastards is fucking awe-inspiring. Bruce Lee kicking cigarettes for Ip Man 10? Much realism. Nerds didn't CGI dat shit. Dey've got too much soy in dey diet to know about Tao's red pill theory of the Matrix.

Bcoz the universal sign for "YO, MY BLOOD IS RED" is "I HAZ A GIRLFRIEND." Which is the ultimate point of education. Realists know dat two dicks don't make a baby and orphans are for petting. Harry Potter is not collective unconscious enuff. "Where shud we go to eat" is a pressing day-to-day concern for str8 bastards. Problem solving TO-THE-MAX. You get to kill yo hubby wif a thousand food pics then wonder why he cheats wif an "acting innocent" bitch. Half of all marriages end in divorce. And half of successful ones end in me. So if it's perfection you're after, don't get married. There is no "happily ever after". Nerds don't always make gud house pets. Sumtiems, dey forget to kiss yo ass. Other tiems, dey forget to smile. If it's perfect you want, try forcing a chihuahua out yo puss. Only faggies need to get married. Dat way we won't have to spend too much tiem wif dem. Dey're liek everything you hate in a woman minus the sexual attraction. Might as well let dem be together. Dey happy, we happier away from dem. Win/Win. Problem solving is selfish. Wishful thinking is man tits. If you had wanted to be Kurt Cobain or John Lennon or sum other corpse, you shud've killed yourself at 27. Bcoz yo nephew not gone do it for you. Millennials are younger for longer. Why? Satan. Don't liek it? Kill yourself.

I don't fucking wrinkle
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