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Need For Speed Heat - LaFerrari Is Not The Fastest Ferrari | Fully Upgraded Gameplay

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If you are wondering what's the best Ferrari in Need For Speed Heat, well it is not the LaFerrari that's for sure. But it does have one of the best driving physics (apart from bouncing issues) and one of the most versatile handling tuning. It has 1321HP 400+ Fully Upgraded Ultimate + Parts. Showcasing it's customization & performance in 1 night race and 2 day races.
Played with keyboard & Hard Difficulty.

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0:07 - Discovery C (Night Race)
3:04 - LaFerrari Quick Customization
3:54 - Cross Mountain Sprint (Day Race)
7:50 - Apollo 10 Circuit (Day Race)
11:14 - Leaderboard Lap Time
11:24 - Performance Stats, Parts & Live Tuning Settings

LaFerrari Performance Review:
When it comes to handling tuning, the LaFerrari is the go-to car for it. You can put any combination of parts and it will still perform and ultimately it is up to your personal preference as to how you want your LaFerrari to drive. Mine has full On-Road parts and it works well on Apollo 10 but it may not work for other tracks. Do note that is it a drift bias setup and it is preferred to microdrift most corners.

Handling wise is pretty good with a mix of grip and drift. And you can control the drift angle to match any corner, of course it will cost speed, depending on your drift angle. It's overall acceleration is good but unfortunately like the rest of the Ferraris, it acceleration dies at the top end.

Unfortunately one of the biggest drawback to the LaFerrari is it can be a bit bouncey at times. You may randomly fly after hitting a pixel on the road. It is also not really sidewalk friendly too.

Overall, a great car that works with any combination of chassis parts. Grip or Drift, the car works well in both driving styles, but of course the drift bias setup is faster.

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