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This video contains an integrated paid for advertorial in collaboration with Mytheresa.

I'm so excited to be working with Mytheresa again to show you a few new pieces I picked up to try on for Spring. They very kindly gifted me a voucher to choose some new items but I felt so inspired that I may have added a few other pieces to my cart and fallen in love with them in the process. Spoiler alert - THE SKORT! Let me know your favourite below so I know exactly what to keep and let me know if you enjoy seeing me do an in depth try on, with all sizes listed below too :) I also give you an update on our hallway renovation and what's still left to complete while battling a hangover oops!

My Dyson Corrale Video:

And because I know everyone will ask where the gorgeous mug is from they were a kind gift and I unfortunately don't know who made them - sorry guys!

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What I'm Wearing ❤

Nude Blazer: +KYiOlwBPvhY30GljVBjX5w
Pearl Choker: Dior Boutiques
Red Skort: +AjpVJlzd5-_Ih8cqXpb4jg (Size 38)
White Bodysuit: +UeSoRS3OOQo46JbAaSNrQg (Size XS)
Check Trousers: +Y04fbyXHRJ0q82PSa-P1Gg (Size 34)*
Check Blazer: +xoD_MztP2RvBnP2y4W-9Pw (Size 36)
White Tee: +AUiA6w9FezgO4fY6bZBpmA (Size S)*
Belted Pants: +6Qxt-7jEZnkVhyEi-mR9vQ (Size 25)
Grey Jeans: +PGo2ZS7jgkq2EqlWcfFInw (Size 26)
Cropped Sweater: +X8Slj1pQ8XvGIogYoG9C1g (Size S)
Silk Dress: +-a1WPPLCByoLmN4uQB5Rmw (Size 2)*
White Trousers: +bFBuzKZlwemOLIwcZUbMYg (Size 34)*
Floral Dress: +XPjzVkxcZ1nc3QncubrI4w (Size 0)
Peach Cardigan: No Longer Available

Beauty Products Used/Mentioned ❤

Lip Colour: *
Face Mist: +u73KdOYRE-Isgqo4SK7G-A *
Eye Gel: +JTzKyLXZOAzM7h-85o-rXg *
Skin Hydrator: +-53fdsk0tBllyjK3ltol4g
Lip Balm: +f7WslbfJJS_W5ybJAcwYTw *
Renewal Cream: +rlVVy2UxNWyVds63XSVZgw *
Moisturising Cream: +50LH91ELuU0wWcK0dkMGYA *
Renewal Oil: +zkYtoYApZApwnVO2e-J0LQ

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Arada Stoves: (Same brand as our living room stove!)
My Closet:

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Commercial Contact: info@

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Thank you so much for the support you always give to me - love you all so much ❤
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