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Todd & Aaron's Game Awards 2020 - Mega64

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The sun retires for the final time on a weary and uncertain year- its brilliant highlights of dusk fading to gray as it releases its final gasps of existence. That breath, it seems, is what the year 2020 was embattled over from its inception. A time when the delicate balance of life, health, prosperity, and the will to continue is at the very locus of victory and defeat. Call it metaphor, or see it for what it is- the very literal intake of air, of life unto itself- every breath was fought for in this unruly and unprecedented point in time. Whether the conflict was staged in the arena of man against man- morality vs. the needs of the self, or of the family- or simply the inner war of self-motivation: the battle to rise and confront the day; to perform an inexorable job; to execute the first brushstroke of the piece of art forming its first shapes, images, feelings, provocations in the back of your mind; the anxiety of forming the first words to say to a loved one, a desired other, a hated soul, a missed connection; a hesitance to take a step down the alternate path, the fork in the road heading away from the direction you were given by all who came before you. Every one of these painful and emotional contests are but a sample of what has been experienced and embedded into a conventional & customary schedule in the Year Of His Grace 20 and 20. Beneath impulse and reaction lay a deep, and often unknown, anxiety; a dull pain existing within, slowly but surely taking its hefty toll. Let us cast aside these wounds of the subconscious, the anxieties of the unknown, the friction between unknowing men, and together, agree that there were some dope cutscenes in the last of us 2 hahahahahahaah we got to the part where they got high and (and you knwo what hahahaha) we turned it off after that LOL hahahahahah it wasnIT GONNA GET ANY BETTER and NO we didnt pick madden ever since that series went full SWJ (they dont let you kill the other players or brake there bones no thans) so check out our awards . wait I cant remember if was Madden that let yuo kill the other players I thing maybe it was NFL BITZ
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