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Top 5 Ways to Wake Up! (Morning Routine Tips)

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Here are some of my favorite and/or most effective things I recommend to help you wake up in the morning and start your day:

1) Expose your eyes to light. Turn on a lamp next to your bed or better yet, open the blinds/curtains while still in bed. If you can position your bed so that it’s next to a window, that’s ideal but, at least have a lamp on a night stand next to your bed and turn it on as soon as you start to wake up. This will help tremendously in actually getting out of bed.

2) Water - especially cold water. Water is your friend. :) Splash water on your wash first thing in the morning to help wake up.

3) Take a hot/cold shower. Start with hot to open up your pores and skin so that you get clean and then finish with cold water to close your pores and hair cuticles back up. Alternating between hot and cold will also help your blood circulate and therefore, help the oxygen in your blood to circulate. Loads of health benefits to this as well as another trick to become alert in the morning.
Wim Hof is an expert in this area so, I highly recommend checking out his channel: Wim Hof on YouTube or his website:
Video on cold showers:

4) Egoscue method, developed by Pete Egoscue. This is a type of movement and certain positions you can put your body in to circulate your blood and get moving. 10 minutes a day will suffice.

5) Shake / bounce. Use a rebounder for 10 minutes a day to get the lymph moving in your body. This is extremely important as your lymphatic system is your body’s garbage disposal, it helps remove toxins from your body. You HAVE to move though in order for it to work. If you can’t afford a rebounder, stand in place - feet should width apart - and bounce up and down for 10 minutes. Put your hands out in front of you and shake them at the same time. This will have the same effect.
Rebounder link:

Other resources I recommend checking out:

Tim Ferris’s podcast:

Brendan Burchard:
Book: ‘High Performance Habits’:

Both of these guys study the morning routines of highly successful people and have some awesome tips to share.

Thanks for watching and remember to “enjoy the journey”! :)
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