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Transferring College Credit? My Transfer Credit Calculator Can Help!

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Transcript from video:
"Finishing your bachelor's degree takes time and money. Franklin University's My Transfer Credit is a free online tool that estimates how much. There's no faster or easier way than My Transfer Credit to find out how close you are to earning your degree. With My Transfer Credit, you can see how your previous course work can reduce the amount of time it takes you to earn a high quality degree at Franklin University - and what your transfer credit it worth. Find out how affordable an undergraduate degree from Franklin can be. Try it for yourself today at "

Additional thoughts about transferring college credit effectively:

Do you have existing college credits that may or may not transfer to the college or university that you'd like to attend now or in the future? Many students do, which is why Franklin University has developed an online college transfer credit calculator to help you understand and quantify the amount of money you could save when you transfer your college credits to Franklin University. Along with the tuition savings, Franklin's My Transfer Credit calculator also provides you with a general understanding of how long it could take you to finish your college degree given the number of inbound college credits you're transferring.

Give it a try and see for yourself. We worked hard to develop this tool, as we know that our students and prospective students find value in fast and easy access to information of this kind. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll call you back to discuss whatever you've got on your mind, and we'll do so happily. Get in touch here:

Now on to actually using the My Transfer Credit Calculator. It's easy enough to use; just follow these three steps:

1. Shortcut to the calculator:

2. Select the majors that interest you the most from our list of bachelor's degree options. Once you're done, click "Next" to go to the next step.

3. To add your courses, first enter the school you previously attended, followed by the courses you took at that school. Be sure to add every school you attended to get the best possible estimate.

4. Save the information you've added so you can login later,
view the results, or make adjustments.

Note: The my transfer credit results displayed reflect an UNOFFICIAL evaluation of your transfer credits, transfer value and completion date by Franklin University and it may differ from your official evaluation, which will be completed upon receipt of your application for admission and all official transcripts. Our application for admission is available on-line through our main web site:

Using the Franklin University My Transfer Credit tool enables you to get information about potential tuition savings and time savings relative to earning your college degree in any of the following undergraduate online or on-campus bachelor's degree programs offered at Franklin University:

Accounting Degree
Allied Healthcare Management
Applied Management
Applied Psychology
Business Administration
Business Economics
Computer Science
Criminal Justice Administration
Emergency Management & Homeland Security
Financial Management
Financial Planning
Forensic Accounting
Health Information Management
Healthcare Management
Human Resources Management
Information Security
Information Systems Auditing
Information Technology
Interactive Media Design
Interdisciplinary Studies
Internet Marketing
Management & Leadership
Management Information Sciences
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Public Administration
Public Relations
Public Safety Management
Risk Management & Insurance
Social Media Design
Social Sciences
Web Development

If any of the above college degree programs are of interest to you, take My Transfer Credit for a spin and to get a sense of how much college credit you may be able to transfer to Franklin. Get an idea of the money you'll save, as well as how long it might take you to finish your degree.

Give the My Transfer Credit online college credit transfer calculator a try today right here:

If you have further questions, please get in touch with us directly:

Lastly, we'd love it if you'd tell us what you think of the My Transfer Credit tool. Leave us a comment and let us know!
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