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TRANSITION | Award-Winning Malayalam Feature Film (2020)

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Transition (Malayalam: ട്രാൻസിഷൻ) is taken as a travelogue where the protagonist travels from Madurai to Trivandrum urging to acquire his is unknown. The protagonist meets few people who all share their story to him. The protagonist gets inspired by their tales and comes up with his own definition after each story is completed. Each tale told by the characters are divided as chapters. The movie ends in a dilemma of the subjectivity of right and Malayalam-Tamil language film was presented by Amateur Cast in Trivandrum. Transition is an independent experimental drama initiated by a bunch of 20-year-old youngsters who are passionate about filmmaking. This movie is produced under the banner of two Jobless people and Luna Creations with the shoestring budget of 10,000 INR.

Transition turned out to get officially selected for Chambal International Film festival (2021), White Unicorn Film Festival (2020) (Monthly Edition) Jharkhand International Film Festival (2020) and also won a Special Mention Award for Tamil Nadu International Film Festival (2020).


Akhil Prasannakumar
Megha Priya Sunil
Reghu Chullimanoor
Krishna Kanth
Gowri Krishna
Aswin Krishnan
Mahesh Kumar
Krishnanunni Mangalath
K. Mani
Harikrishnan Ms
Sreekumar Nair
Ananthakrishnan Prakash

Written & Directed by
Krishnanunni Mangalath

Dialogues by
Thapasya Ashok
Reghu Chullimanoor
Mahesh Kumar
Krishnanunni Mangalath
K. Mani
Sreekumar Nair

Produced by
Krishnanunni Mangalath
Akhil Prasannakumar
Advaith Sreekumar

Music by
Govind GI
Ashley Milred
Anand Seetharaman

Cinematography & Editing
Krishnanunni Mangalath

Sound Design
Rahul Sj

Visual Effects by
Abu Subuhan Ds

Music in this video
Puthumazha from the EP ' Safe in my Arms '
Govind GI ( GVND Musics)
'Safe in my Arms '
Licensed to YouTube by
GVND Musics
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