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Warcraft III - Music & Ambience - Night Elves

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As the centuries passed, the night elves’ new society grew strong and expanded throughout the budding forest that they came to call Ashenvale. Many of the creatures and species that were abundant before the Great Sundering, such as furbolgs and quilboars, reappeared and flourished in the land. Under the druids’ benevolent leadership, the night elves enjoyed an era of unprecedented peace and tranquility under the stars.

However, many of the original high-borne survivors grew restless. Like Illidan before them, they fell victim to the withdrawal that came from the loss of their coveted magics. They were tempted, once again, to tap the energies of the Well of Eternity and exult in their magical practices. Dath’Remar, the brash, outspoken leader of the high-borne, began to mock the druids publicly – calling them cowards for refusing to wield the magic that was theirs by right. Furion and the druids chaffed of Dath’Remar’s arguments and warned the high-borne that any use of magic would be punishable by death. In their insolence, Dath’Remar and his followers unleashed a terrible magical storm upon Ashenvale in an ill-fated attempt to convince the druids to rescind their law.

The druids, unable to bring themselves to slaughter so many of their kin, decided to exile the reckless high-borne from their lands. Dath’Remar and his followers, glad to be rid of their conservative cousins at last, boarded a number of specially crafted ships and set sail upon the seas. Though none of them knew what awaited them beyond the waters of the raging Maelstrom, they were eager to establish their own homeland where they could practice their coveted magics with impunity. The high-borne, or ‘Quel’dorei’ as Azshara had named them in ages past, would eventually set shore upon the eastern land men would call Lordaeron. They planned to build their own magical kingdom - Quel’Thalas - and reject the night elves’ precepts of moon worship and nocturnal activity. Forever after, they would be known only as the “high elves.”

With the departure of their wayward cousins, the night elves turned their attention back to the safekeeping of their enchanted homeland. The druids, sensing their time of hibernation nearing once again, prepared to sleep and leave their loved ones and families behind. Tyrande, who had become the First priestess of Elune, asked her love, Furion, not to leave her for Ysera’s Emerald Dream. But, Furion, honor bound to enter the changing Dreamways, bid the priestess good-bye and swore that they would never be apart so long as they held true to their love.

Tyrande, left alone to protect Kalimdor from the dangers of the new world, assembled a powerful fighting force from amongst her night elf sisters. The fearless, highly trained warrior women who pledged themselves to Kalimdor’s defense became known as the Sentinels. Though they preferred to patrol the shadowy forests of Ashenvale alone, they had many allies upon which they could call in times of urgency.

The demigod, Cenarius, remained nearby in the Moonglades of Mount Hyjal. His sons, known as the Keepers of the Grove, kept close watch on the night elves’ land and regularly helped the Sentinels maintain peace in the land. Even Cenarius’ shy daughters, the dryads, appeared in the open with increasing frequency.

Though the task of policing Ashenvale kept her busy, Tyrande felt lost and alone without Furion at her side. As the long centuries passed while the druids slept, her fears of a second demonic invasion grew more palpable. She could not shake the unnerving feeling that perhaps the Burning Legion was still out there, beyond the Great Dark of the sky plotting its revenge upon the night elves and the world of Azeroth.

Text above is taken from the Warcraft III manual:

0:00 - Arrival at Kalimdor
4:08 - Awakening
8:49 - Rise of the Ancients
13:10 - Night Elves Defeat
15:32 - The Night Elves’ Song

20:31 - Awakening
25:11 - Arrival at Kalimdor
29:20 - Rise of the Ancients
33:43 - The Night Elves’ Song
38:41 - Arrival at Kalimdor

42:50 - Awakening
47:30 - Rise of the Ancients
51:52 - Night Elves Defeat
54:14 - The Night Elves’ Song
59:12 - Awakening

Composers: Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, Glenn Stafford and Victor Crews.

©2002 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Reign of Chaos, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the and/or other countries.
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