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What You Should Know Before Starting Your YouTube Channel with Film Riot | YouTube Masters

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In Episode 5 of YouTube Masters, Ryan Connolly, Founder of Film Riot, shares what you should know before starting your YouTube channel. Hear why Ryan believes creating content out of love for the craft, rather than views and money, is key in building your audience.

YouTube Masters is an educational series from leading creators, for creators. Each episode features different YouTube Masters equipping you with tools to improve your channel.

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0:00 - 0:43 Intro
0:44 - 1:12 Don’t Do It For Views Or Money
1:13 - 2:06 Pick The Right Project For You
2:07 - 3:01 Find Your Structure
3:02 - 4:15 Finding The Right Pacing
4:16 - 5:03 Finding The Right Music
5:04 - 6:12 Prepare For The Comments
6:13 - 7:31 Make Plans For Revenue
7:32 - 8:25 It’s Really F***ing Hard
8:26 - 9:15 Outro


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