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WOW! Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance

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WOW! Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance

Video Description:

WOW! Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance

Two more states are cutting unemployment benefits early from the 16 states we announced yesterday.

Pennsylvania’s Extended Benefits unemployment program will automatically conclude May 15th.

The PEUC program will be in place until Sept. 4th and anyone on the EB program will be moved to the PEUC program.

Alaska also announced they will be ending the extra federal benefits for unemployed workers on June 12th.

The withdrawal will end a $300 weekly payment that was added under the FPUC program passed in Congress last year.

I’m so sorry if you live in any of the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming.

We hope that Congress realizes the urgency that is needed to support these workers so that we aren’t faced with a larger issue.

Meanwhile, The White House on Friday urged businesses struggling to find workers willing to come off unemployment to raise their pay to compete with a $300 per week unemployment benefits.

A top economic adviser to President Biden said that competing against the government subsidies was a matter for the free market to resolve.

Cecilia Rouse, a chair of the Council of Economic Advisors stated, “Especially essential workers, their jobs are not risk-free, right? They’ve become a little more riskier.”

She added, “And so if employers have to pay a little bit more to compensate those employees to take on that risk, I think that’s appropriate- again in a market economy, where that’s the currency.”

We hope that there continues to find a balance for businesses and workers so that they may all get the government assistance that they need.

And finally, Republican lawmakers in Louisiana have started advancing a proposal to offer Louisiana residents receiving unemployment up to $1,000 to go back to work.

But workers might have to give up their right to claim jobless benefits for six months.

Rep. Mike Echols stated, “We were just looking for more tools that might get someone a little more incentive to go out and apply for a job today instead of waiting a couple of extra weeks.”

Republicans say federal unemployment benefits are discouraging people from seeking work, while Democrats object to requiring people to give up unemployment rights.

Echols said it’s completely optional, and that this money is only an added plus and something different from what other states are trying.

The bill is still waiting for action from the House.

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